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Just a quick note to share with you….

I ran into a colleague of mine over the weekend – John F. Carter.

If you haven’t heard of John before, he’s the author of the bestselling book on trading, Mastering the Trade, and the founder & CEO of Simpler Trading.

He’s been trading for over 25 years and earned quite a reputation for catching huge moves.

With the historic run the markets have seen lately, John’s been getting nonstop questions about how to get started in options trading.

John told me that’s why he’s re-releasing one of his most popular ebook trainings, Understanding Options.

I asked him if I could secure a special discounted price for our readers, and John, in true John Carter fashion, offered to let you have it for free. For now, at least.

>>> Claim Your Free Understanding Options eBook Here <<<

Why so many questions about options?


Options give traders leverage that allows you to make substantial gains on directional plays.

And by substantial, I mean gains that far outpace gains you can make just trading stocks alone.

When trading stock, you generally need to put in a substantial amount of money to see any returns. And it usually takes a while to see those returns.

But not with options.

Options trading removes one of the biggest barriers to entry that comes with trading stocks; price.

You can’t just buy Amazon at a cheaper price. But, with options trading, even traders with small accounts can get a piece of the moves Amazon makes.

You’ll see exactly what I mean in John’s free ebook…

>>> Claim Your Free Understanding Options eBook Here <<<

When you trade, you’re fighting Wall Street’s ruthless computer algorithms.

In this free Ebook you’ll discover the foundation of trading Options, including:

  •  A look at why trading Options is so popular and effective in today’s volatile markets
  •  What an Options contract is and how to properly utilize one
  •  Why it’s not too late to take advantage of the Bull Market
  •  How technical analysis ties into your trading strategy
  •  Common trading mistakes to avoid in your trading career
  •  A step-by-step walkthrough of how to buy and sell Options today

The stock market has been experiencing an unprecedented Bull run over the last year. With the recent volatility the markets are experiencing, Options are the perfect investment vehicle for beginning traders.

With a bit of time, practice and patience, sticking to the fundamental outline in this Ebook will increase returns, lower stress, and hopefully give you a relatively gentle introduction into the world of options.


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