Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades Review | WIN-DAY

You may have heard me talk about the power of options and my uncanny ability to pick the right contract for maximum gains…

Want irrefutable proof?

Last week I alerted WDAY to my Bullseye members. Here’s part of the exact email I sent on Monday morning:


I want you to take notice of the chart and the “breakout line” in this email.

Look carefully for me.

Now, check out the same chart 2 days after this alert..

WDAY busted through the breakout line, just like I said it would.

There’s something that I want you to understand, though.

The move from $166 – $174.34 is a 5% move in the stock price.

Meaning, if you had bought the stock where I alerted it, you’d have a 5% gain on your hands.


Of course, my members chose to get into the options contract that I hand picked to maximize gains.

It’s safe to say they made the right choice.

David locked in half of his profits when he was up 270% just like a pro.

Heath snagged a 147% gain in a matter of 2 days.

Randy has an extra $1,526 to play around with this weekend thanks to my Bullseye Trade!

The point is, that 5% move in WDAY stock yielded a triple digit percentage winner on the options contracts that I alerted to my members.

When you’re hitting wins like this every week, that $399 price tag for an entire year looks like a drop in the well, doesn’t it?

My next Bullseye trade could be sitting in your inbox bright and early Monday morning.

You know you want it…Join NOW!

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