Learn The Simple Trick That Has Increased Our Returns By 898%

There’s a special event I am holding next week. You may have heard of me, but if not, I founded an award-winning service
that has profited on almost 80% of the trades we’ve recommended to our subscribers over the past 2 years.

A little over 3 years ago, I stumbled across a little known options technique that has allowed me and my subscribers to turn the stock market into our own personal ATM. Every single week since then, we have taken cash directly out of the market – and I am going to teach exactly how we did it – completely for free on Tuesday February 9th at 6PM ET.

After teaching the original strategy to tens of thousands of investors, I almost couldn’t believe how much more effective it became when I added this simple tweak to the mix. What could be more important to a options trader than learning a brand new technique that has increased our profits per winner by almost 900%?

I have never shared this ‘tweak’ with the public, but because of a special relationship I have with Hit and Run, I will show you how to use it step-by step on February 9th. Want to learn how you can get started using it yourself, register for this free event by clicking here.

Registrants will be the only ones with access to the recording of this live event.

During the live webinar, I will explain how during the most recent market-meltdown, my subscribers made out like bandits. All they had to do was apply the lessons they learned from my last event. Our strategy works in up, down and sideways markets.

The success of our service doesn’t rely on what the general market is doing.
As a matter of fact, sometimes a bad market is even better. You need to see how we banked
several pocketfuls of money with a SPY trade. After 3 years and hundreds of successful trades, my service is correct more than 80% of the time.

Once we took our award winning original strategy, and added this ‘tweak’, that simple strategy has allowed us to pull real cash out of the market, every week, without spending hours sitting in front of a computer.

During my free event on February 9th, I am going to teach you how simple it can be to learn the strategy and how easy it is to implement.
Attend my live February 9th event and decide for yourself if you would like to continue to sit on the sidelines watching your portfolio get crushed, or if you would like to get in the game.

My step-by-step instructions will have you pulling cash out of the markets, every single week, just like the thousands of my faithful subscribers.

Just a few weeks ago my first group of subscribers celebrated their 2 year anniversary with the service. Thousands of investors, exactly like you, have been riding this strategy for the past 24 months.
Those lucky investors could have been pocketed almost $14,000 since we started our service. More aggressive investors could have easily banked 3-4xs that amount.

During the webinar, you are going to learn how we turned that recent SPY trade into the one of the most successful trades we’ve ever produced.

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How have we done so well in the face of all of this market volatility?

The story goes back to when more than 2 years ago, when my trading partner and I unlocked an options based ‘income’ strategy that only the elite investors of the world were aware even existed. This strategy had been overlooked by investors for years, and since then has been putting ‘real cash’ into our pockets every single week.

The strategy now employs a specific option contract that didn’t exist 5 years ago, and flies under the radar. You will learn how this service has accurately recommended hundreds of trades.

Tens of thousands of traders have already learned this technique and have been using it to put cash in their pockets – every single week. What are you waiting for?

My Options Money Machine service, will be your go-to service for putting extra cash in your pockets – even if you have never traded a single option contract in your life.

On Tuesday, February 9th @ 6pm Eastern, I am going to hold a special event, where I am going to share exactly how my system works. During the webinar I am will highlight all that my team has accomplished with our Options Money Machine over the past 3 years!

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Since August of 2013 my strategy has an average winning percentage of 78%.
  • We are going to explain the technique that lead us to 220 winning trades over the past 3 years.
  • We will give you the step-by-step behind the simple tweak to the strategy that has increased the profitability we see per winner by almost 900%. You want to stick around for that part of the webinar!)
  • The trick that has led us to 10 straight winners with SBUX. (Think about the amount of coffee you could buy with those profits.)

During this event you will learn what my subscribers learned about these trades and how they have lead to these returns?

Professional companies have offered me tens of thousands of dollars to teach them this information. It’s the “man behind the curtain” approach to winning in the options market. Why? I can’t stress this enough: Because it takes away all complexities of the market and simply gets back to the basics.

So sign up for the live webinar Tuesday, February 9th at 6pm Eastern by clicking here. Why am I doing this?

I want to change the way you look at the option market. I want you to have complete control of your money. And I want you to be successful.I know what it’s like to worry about money. You have my word; I’ve been there. That’s why I’ve dedicated the last 20 years of my life to making it and teaching other people how to make as much as they want. Let’s be honest, worrying about money consumes people’s lives. Luckily, this is intended to be a new source of weekly income! This is a no-frills, shoot straight, time tested trading approach. With it, you stand a much better chance of making a ton of money over the next 6 months. If you’ve been afraid to trade, or are struggling with “information overload” this webinar will replace your fear and overload with confidence and clarity. Listen, nothing is a sure bet, but my results speak for themselves.

In my live webinar I’ll show you, trade by trade, how we have been making money week in and week out with this strategy, and with stocks you’ve already seen.

So sign up now.

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This call will only take 60 minutes. I know how busy you are. But think of how much it could affect your trading… your bank account… your life. This is one investment I urge you to make. Get your seat now… because there are only a few left.

There is absolutely no cost. This is FREE, vital, actionable information. WARNING: We reserve the right to strictly limit the number of subscribers. Those who attend the webinar have the best chance to become subscribers to this profitable service… grab your seat and you can start making money like “the guy next door” within 24 hours of learning the simple “secrets”.

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