Matt McCall’s Cannabis Cash Weekly Review – Is it Good?

What Do You Get For Your Money With Cannabis Cash Weekly?

Cannabis Cash Weekly is Matt McCall’s newest research service…

The normal retail rate for one year of Cannabis Cash Weekly is $1,996.

But for a limited time, you can become a Charter Member of Cannabis Cash Weekly for just $999 per year.

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That’s an instant $997 savings off the retail rate others will pay…

The best part is, you’ll always have this low Charter Membership rate locked in. If they decide to raise the membership rate for Cannabis Cash Weekly in the future — you won’t pay a penny more.


Collect Your First “Cannabis Check” for up to $4,280.

Discover an opportunity to claim your share of more than $500 billion from the pot industry…

This is money you can collect without ever investing in risky penny pot stocks.

You can potentially collect your first check in amounts like $550… $1,100… or even $4,280.

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As a member, you’ll receive immediate access to…

  • “Green Monday” Income Alerts ($1,999 Value): Matt will send you a new “Green Monday” Income Alert each and every Monday morning. This includes any new upcoming paydays, instructions on how to claim your money, and updates on past “Green Mondays.” You will receive a minimum of 52 “Green Monday” Income Alerts over the next 12 months.
  • Monthly “Green Monday” Profit Recap: You’ll get a monthly summary of the income made from “Green Monday” with a Profit Recap. This gives you a big-picture view of how much money this strategy is making… including any outstanding Income Alerts you may have missed.
  • The Little Green Book of Big Cannabis Income ($249 value): This is where Matt explains his exact “Green Monday” income secret in detail. It’s similar to the institutional-level research he provided his clients while he was on Wall Street. You can’t purchase it on Amazon or any bookstore. It’s only for members of Cannabis Cash Weekly.
  • The Magic 9 Pot Stocks ($149 value): In this report you’ll discover the names and ticker symbols of all nine “pipeline” firms that make collecting “Green Monday” income streams possible in the first place. They’re like a steppingstone to a secret $500 trillion market.
  • Trading Tutorial Video Series ($299 value): This video tutorial series will show you exactly how to execute these cash-gushing trades.Matt will walk you step by step through EVERYTHING. You’ll be able to “look over his shoulder” as he’s making real-world trades with his own money.
  • Marijuana Masterclass ($499 value): This five-part video series presents the ABCs of how high-growth cannabis investing is really done. You simply can’t find this level of information in a college classroom or on the internet.
  • Matt McCall’s Mastermind Meet Up ($999 value): Every year, Matt invites his top readers to join him in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to reveal the most lucrative upcoming investment trends. It’s a fun weekend where lots of money can be made. And as a Cannabis Cash Weekly member, you’ll receive a ticket to this event for FREE.
  • “Green Monday” Calculator ($49 value): Their software engineering team created a special tool for Charter Members. This is the easiest way to forecast the payouts — and gains — you could be making from “Green Monday.” Simply enter the data from your most recent “Green Monday” income alert… and their system will generate your projected returns.

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  • The Millionaire’s Income Secret ($49 value): This is the perfect strategy to combine with your weekly cannabis income. Forbes magazine says it “builds wealth more consistently than [any] other asset class.” In fact, 90% of the world’s millionaires used it to create their fortunes. You’ll get the full details in this report.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you join Cannabis Cash Weekly today, Matt McCall will guarantee you’ll see at least 52 “Green Monday” payout opportunities over the next 12 months.

This means you’ll see one cannabis income opportunity every week on average.

And if you only see 51 “Green Monday” payout opportunities over the next year…

Because 51 payout opportunities are less than 52.

You’re entitled to receive a 100% refund.

But you must give Cannabis Cash Weekly a try for a full 12 months to be eligible for this money-back guarantee.

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A brand-new way to become a cannabis millionaire

There is an incredible new way to become a millionaire from cannabis. It can net you $2,600 or more… week after week… for up to 70 different times over the next 12 months. This unique strategy is less risky and potentially much more profitable than just owning ordinary cannabis stocks.

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It’s all about one thing: a chance at collecting lightning-quick income… I’m talking $2,600 in less than 30 seconds of work, every Monday of the year.

That’s an average of 52 cash payouts over the next 12 months alone.

If you make $2,600 every week from this strategy, you’d have $135,200 at year’s end.

And it’s all thanks to the $150 million spent on cannabis each day.

It all happens on Tuesday, September 24, at 3 p.m. ET, when I’m hosting our first-ever Cannabis Cash Weekly Summit.

During this exclusive event, I’ll show you exactly how to use my instant cannabis cash approach, including how you can use it to add thousands to your account — week after week.

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