Millionaire Roadmap Picks | Jason Bond Tuesday’s stock watch list (June 12)

U.S. stock futures are slightly lower Tuesday morning and if I had to guess, will continue lower this week headed into an interest rate hike by the Fed Wednesday afternoon. I’ll continue to be aggressive with my trading though since my overall trend and outlook for the market is bullish.

Here’s what I’m watching.

NNDM, NAKD, GLMD, AXON and CODX are the hottest momentum stocks I’m watching. NNDM needs to cool off for a day or two while NAKD and GLMD will likely present momentum opportunities Tuesday. All of them are on watch later this week for FibonacciFriday. GLMD is my favorite in play above $16 for a move to $24 and potential breakout above. AXON around $5 could make another move soon too, with big upside range to $8. CODX is my least favorite since it’s already had a few huge rallies after retracement, however, if $4 holds I bet this sees $5+ again so keep it on watch.

I started in on my WATT swing Monday, picking up 2,000 shares in the low $16’s and would like to add 1,000 shares later this week. The potential for big news is very probable now that their wireless charging technology is approved by the FCC. It’s nearly oversold too and this one tends to bounce big anytime it gets below the 30 RSI. Grabbed some FENG too for a swing around $5 off the bull flag continuation chart pattern I believe will head for $7 in the coming weeks.

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My long-term on LQMT saw solid buying pressure Monday and could see $.30’s this week or next as it starts to heat up ahead of September’s new iPhone announcement. Remember, historically this runs over 100% from around May to September over the last few years, meaning just in runup alone it should move from $.20’s to $.40’s in anticipation of the announcement by Apple. Not to mention all the other catalyst looming I’ve reported on lately. My long-term on ROX has not been nearly as exciting as but its upcoming earnings (Wednesday I believe) should provide some substance for me to research. I continue to maintain my big win here will come from a takeover.

Finally ZN and HMNY are a few oversold stocks I’m watching. Both are horrible companies but both have some looming catalysts that could spike the stock from these levels. These would be high risk swing trades for me so I’ll take small positions and play for juicy bounces of 20%+ to justify the risk.

[Ed. Note: Jason Bond runs and is a swing trader of small-cap stocks.  In 2015 he earned a 180% return on his money. Then in 2016 he turned a $100,000 account into $430,000! Discover How He Did It]

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