Stock Market Escape Summit – A secret about Doug Casey’s wealth we’ve never shared before

Over the years, Doug Casey has made some legendary speculations…

Like the time he made 20x his money from a resource stock called Nevsun. Or the time he made 50x his money from a gold miner called Bre-X…

Or how he’s made millions from his global real estate investing.

But there’s one thing about Doug wealth that we’ve never discussed before.

You see, many of Doug’s biggest gains didn’t come from stocks, options, or real estate.

They came from a little-known group of securities we call “Premium Shares.”

Take his 63,000% winner.

He invested in a company called Diamond Fields and made a fortune.

But he didn’t do it the usual way…

He got his hands on some “Premium Shares” of the company instead.

And as a result, he made an astonishing 630 times his money.


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Here’s why this is important for you…

Next Wednesday, Doug Casey is teaming up with former money manager E.B. Tucker to reveal how everyday investors can get their hands on these securities too.

Obviously, you probably won’t make 63,000% — that’s an exceptional gain.

But recently, other Premium Shares have delivered gains as high as:

  • 682%
  • 1,499%
  • 2,131%
  • 2,463%
  • even 11,390%…

While nothing is guaranteed, if you start using them now, you could be looking at some of the biggest gains of your life.

The event takes place next Wednesday, February 27th, 8 pm (ET).

It’s completely free.

As you can probably guess, Premium Shares are not stocks, options, preferred shares, or cryptocurrencies. They’re an alternative asset that’s more explosive than any of these — and you can access them through your existing brokerage account.

You’ll get all the details during the event.


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