U.S. Energy Independence Summit: What’s Teeka Tiwari’s small pre-IPO company $1.25 per share

What’s Teeka Tiwari’s small pre-IPO company about oil and energy? The company shares are supposedly $1.25 and must be limited by the cap on the amount of money they can raise. Find out at U.S. Energy Independence Summit.

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Teeka Tiwari: How We’ll Profit From the Next Oil Shock

Oil is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy.

For every 250 cars on the road, 249 are gas-powered.

For every 747 in flight, a gallon of jet fuel burns… per second.

The items they transport – from our iPhones and iPads… Our children’s PlayStation and Xbox… Even aspirin, antibiotics, cancer medicine – are all made from fossil-fuel byproducts.

And because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we’re in full-blown panic for it.

Next to Saudi Arabia, Russia is the world’s largest oil exporter.

But earlier this month, President Joe Biden ordered the ban of Russian oil and gas imports to the United States.

In the time since, we’ve seen the price of crude oil skyrocket as much as nearly $124 per barrel. That’s up from a low of about $76 in January.

That volatility is hitting Americans particularly hard at the pump.

Since the beginning of the year, gas prices are up as much as 23%. And because the ban on Russian oil imports isn’t in full force yet, there’s still more pain to come.

I won’t sugarcoat it… Prices will get uglier in the short term.

It’s a painful reminder that energy independence is key to our country’s security. But this oil shock has also created an opportunity for you to secure your own financial future.


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Bipartisan Support for U.S. Energy Independence

Regardless of what you think about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it’s spotlighted how important oil is to our national security.

A country is only as strong as its access to reliable energy supplies. And controlling the supply of that energy is as close to printing money as you’ll ever get.

That’s why President Biden declared the conflict in Europe “a stark reminder that, to protect our economy, we must become energy independent.”

And he’s getting support from both sides of the political aisle.

“I’m all for that. Ban it,” Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of the executive order banning Russian oil imports.

“Our conference overwhelmingly does not want Russian oil; we want American oil,” House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said.

This is a huge deal…

The Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on whether it’s night or day. Both parties supporting U.S. energy independence shows how important it is to our national security.

I don’t want our Congress to play political football over our energy independence. So it’s a relief to me they are uniting around this issue.

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Over my years in the financial markets, I’ve learned that American capitalism is the solution to many of our greatest problems.

And right now, one small company is answering the call to help the U.S. become energy independent.

Not only has it found a way to produce oil for a fraction of the cost we pay globally… it’s creating a free-market opportunity to help ordinary Americans profit from U.S. energy independence.


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Teeka Tiwari U.S. Energy Independence Summit

Russia supplies the U.S. with 540,000 barrels of oil daily. That translates to about 197 million annually.

But the private, American Heartland company I’ve found can produce an estimated 1 billion barrels of oil.

And while Russia’s cost per barrel is under $20, and Saudi Arabia’s is under $10… This private company estimates its oil costs 65 cents per barrel.

That bears repeating: 65 cents. Less than a dollar.

No one – not Russia, not the Saudis – comes close.

And it’s all due to a technological breakthrough enabling it to produce environmentally sound oil – without drilling and fracking – cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

In fact, this company’s technology is so promising, one of America’s largest investment banks has written a check to become its largest shareholder.

It’s a firm behind some of the most profitable private deals of the past 150 years… including returns of 47x, 100x, and 159x.

So when this firms pours money into a company, it’s worth paying attention to.

That’s why tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding my first-ever U.S. Energy Independence Summit.

During this event, I’ll tell you what this company is doing… the technology it’s using to create low-cost energy… and the Wall Street powerhouse backing it.

Best of all, you’ll find out how to get shares for just $1.25 with a small $500 investment.

As with all private deals, shares are strictly limited… and one of my last private recommendations filled in less than 12 hours.

Friends, I know the oil shock we’re seeing today is difficult to go through.

But we saw similar shocks in the 1970s with the Arab Oil Embargo and 1990s with the Gulf War. And America persevered.

That’s what I love about this country. Each crisis is an opportunity. The companies that solve these crises stand to make huge profits – and so do their investors.

Remember, we will get through this crisis. The war in Ukraine has become a wake-up call for a more energy independent America.

Combatting rising oil prices is one of the few issues that Democrats and Republicans agree on.

Things may be painful in the short term… but with oil-production breakthroughs like I mentioned above, it won’t last forever.

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