Total Alpha Trading: Jeff Bishop’s Best Trading Day of 2020 [WATCH]

I’ve been using this strategy now for 20 years, and after last week, I can honestly say…

I have never been more convinced that this is the best strategy to make money in the stock market right now.

Here’s the evidence…

These profits all have 3 things in common. Can you guess what they are?



  1. Yes, they all came from my portfolio. That was an easy one…

  1. They were all made last week, in a single day. (+50,000 on the day)

  1. Most importantly, they were all made using this one, simple strategy.

If you look at those screenshots again, you’ll notice something – I’m profiting from stocks going higher and I’m profiting from stocks that are on their way down.

That’s right, this strategy is insulated from the whims of the market.

I recently taught five thousand traders about this strategy in a live training session.

I explained exactly how the strategy works and even gave my viewers an opportunity to start trading right alongside me using this very same strategy.

Let’s just say my invitation was well received…

It gets better…

For those that joined me, they saw this strategy put to work right in my live streaming portfolio the VERY NEXT DAY.

Now I’m sorry that you missed this opportunity, but here’s the good news…

I am posting a rebroadcast of this training session right now for a limited list of traders.

If you’re reading this email, that means you’re lucky enough to be on that list.


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