Jeff Bishop Total Alpha: Avis Car Rental (CAR) trade Scored $23,000 In 72 Hours [Details Inside]

Market-changing catalysts can lead to oversized gains in just a matter of days. That’s why let’s dig into Jeff Bishop Total Alpha recent Avis Car Rental (CAR) trade that netted him over $23,000 in just a few days.

Jeff Bishop: Are You Ready For The Biggest Squeeze In Oil Prices?

Jeff Bishop has reason to believe that the oil industry will begin to see a wave of bankruptcies. But in order for you to take advantage of this boom and bust sector…You first need to understand what’s causing this pricing pressure, when it’s expected to hit, and who stands to gain.

Jeff Bishop’s Options Selection Process Revealed

Picking the right option contract can mean the difference between hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Jeff Bishop is going to teach you his options selection process.

Jeff Bishop Total Alpha: You Can’t Start Your Trading Week Without This

Don’t start plopping cash down into stocks quite yet. There’s still a lot of data we still need to cover before deciding on the best course of action. For that, we start with the one place your money requires you to pay attention to – earnings.

Jeff Bishop Total Alpha Strategy:This Says The Market Is Ready To Rally

You know exactly what that circle represents. If you don’t, no worries. I’ll review it here, and explain it to anyone who hasn’t gone through the class.
We’ll be looking at fresh charts on the VIX, TLT, and IWM…aka the big picture

Jeff Bishop Total Alpha: These Indicators Will Help You Harvest Profits

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a big fan of indicators. There are far too many of them, and folks rely on them way too often. There’s only a handful of them you can rely on during good and bad times. For me, it has to be – moving averages. Everyone from Wall-Street’s … Read more

Total Alpha Trading: Stop Trading Options 30 Days Out, Here’s Why

There is something different that’s happening to the options market right now. And if you’re not aware of it, it could end up costing you a lot of money. Optimal mechanics state that you want to sell options or spreads with expirations 30-45 days out. This maximizes your time decay and the probability of success. … Read more

Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha:These Are The Companies The Government Will Bail Out

Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures. Ask most congressmen about the bank bailout in 2008 and they’ll wrinkly their nose in disgust. Ask them the same question about the airlines and they’ll readily say they need help…but it’s not a bailout. Call it what you will, the government will not and cannot let certain industries … Read more

Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha: This Is Where The Markets Are Headed

I’ve got something exciting to share with you today. Every day I get traders from Total Alpha, Bullseye, and even just random folks coming up on the street asking me where the market is headed. That’s when I decided to put together an interview with Raging Bull’s Elite chatroom commentator and frequent Fox Business guest, Hitha Herzog. … Read more

Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha: 5 Things I’m Doing In This Market Right Now

I won’t mince words. Yesterday was a bloodbath that wiped out a lot of market cap and probably blew up a few funds along the way. With over two decades of trading, I want to give you insight as to what I’m doing now. Hopefully, you take away valuable information that helps strengthen your hand. … Read more